Women's Day

From Success to Significance: a wholehearted journey

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South Africa celebrates National Women’s Day on the 9th of August each year.  The day commemorates a protest march against injustice, undertaken by approximately 20 000 women in 1956. The original march was both successful and significant in terms of South Africa’s history. Unfortunately, injustice and stigmatisation continue to haunt the lives of many women […]

HOPE: The Fuel of Rehabilitation

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  When we think about the word ‘rehabilitation’, we tend to think about ‘drug rehab’ or rehabilitation after injury. We seldom think of rehabilitation in terms of a weight loss journey or when we try to improve our chronic disease-related risk by reducing long-term blood sugar or blood pressure levels. In the world of positive […]

Emotional Eating: Fact or Fiction?

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Emotional Eating: fact or fiction? Medical research has clearly demonstrated that being overweight or obese is generally unhealthy. However, such an unhealthy state has less to do with your total body mass than it has to do with abdominal or visceral obesity. In plain language, it’s how much ‘tummy fat’ you have that actually determines […]

Not all carbs are created equal

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Are carbs really so bad for you? You can’t go too far nowadays without hearing about a Low Carb High Fat (LCHF) diet. The question that many are asking is – are carbs really so bad for you? The short answer is… it’s complicated. It really depends on the kinds of carbs you’re consuming. Carbohydrates […]