Hit a Weightloss Plateau? What to do about it

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It is quite common for people on a weightloss programme to ‘hit a plateau’ at some stage or another. Some will get quite desperate even blaming the programme and saying things like, “this programme has stopped working” or “my metabolism must have slowed down so much that I can’t lose any more weight.” And so […]

Podcast: Depression and Antidepressants

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The title of this week’s podcast is Depression and Antidepressants: opening Pandora’s box. The term ‘Opening Pandora’s box’ is defined as ‘to start something that causes many new and unexpected problems’ (www.thefreedictionary.com). As the articles I write are almost always focused on metabolic syndrome, which on the surface does not appear to include depression, you […]

High Blood Pressure

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Are You Living With The Silent Killer? I would like to start this podcast by telling you a story about a friend of mine who recently had a health scare –I’ll call him AJ. AJ has always believed that his blood pressure was normal but a few weeks ago he suffered a mild stroke and […]

Heliotherapy & Vitamin D

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For many years we have been told to avoid sunlight, especially between the hours of 10:00 and 16:00. Our weather forecasts often  include information on  prevailing  UV radiation levels in order to caution us against being overexposed to the rays of the sun. In this podcast I’m going to take a brief look at the […]

Podcast: Eating For A Healthy Brain

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What to include and what to cut out of your diet In this podcast I’m going to take a look at brain health, a subject that is getting quite a bit of attention in the medical and nutritional science communities, and even in some popular media. As the prevalence of Alzheimer’s Disease, which is the […]

Podcast: Challenging Negative Thoughts

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People sometimes have distorted or negative thoughts about themselves, which do not reflect the reality of a given situation. Such thinking may be ingrained by the unfair and negative utterances of significant others, even starting during childhood. Any of these ring a bell? As a child did anyone ever say, ‘ You will never amount […]

7 Mindful Eating Tips

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This week’s UpForIt podcast, which is entitled 7 Mindful Eating Tips, is largely based on material produced by the US National Eating Disorders Association. When we are mindful it means that we are fully present in-the-moment without judgment. When it comes to eating, mindfulness helps to amplify the volume of our body’s cues so that […]

Counting Calories – The Truth Of The Matter

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Obesity: an imbalance in calories in vs calories out… or is it something else? If you have ever watched the London, Boston or Comrades marathons on TV, you will have noticed that 3 types of able-bodied runners take part in these gruelling events. Firstly, there are the skinny elite athletes then there are normal weight […]

Fat – Friend Not Foe

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  Often an epiphany or a ‘light bulb moment’ leads to a change in the way in which we view things. This is what a paradigm shift is. And in this podcast we are going to look at a few of the facts underpinning the paradigm shift that is needed so as not to view […]

Sugar – Public Enemy # 1

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Sugar is everywhere. If a food item says low-fat, it probably also means that  it contains added sugar.  Almost 80 % of the processed food and beverages we buy  contain added sugar. Did you know that sugar consumption has increased by more than 300% over the past century, and it now may have become public […]