depression and being overweight

Overweight and Depressed: a case of chicken & egg?

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Back in May 2016, I published a blog and podcast with the title, Obesity & Depression: opening Pandora’s Box ( aim of the blog and podcast was to briefly discuss a possible link between these two very common chronic conditions, especially since there appears to be some evidence that the use of antidepressants could play […]

Celebrity Psychosis

‘Celebrity Psychosis’: an outside-in approach to (no) weightloss.

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What is ‘celebrity psychosis’? The Merriam-Webster dictionary definition of psychosis is , ‘… a serious mental illness (such as schizophrenia) characterized by defective or lost contact with reality often with hallucinations or delusions’. While it is possible that people who suffer from serious mental disorders may be classified in this way, I believe that there are […]

Teachable: the spirit underpinning behavioural change

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Teachable: the spirit underpinning behavioural change. There are a number of aspects involved in improving your health ranging from being knowledgeable about  your condition; what action to take to improve matters; being confident about making the necessary changes, to really believing that change is important.  While knowledge, confidence and importance are essential elements of behavioural […]

Remembering Whatshisname

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In my previous blog, I touched on some of the important issues coming out of the ‘Awakening from Alzheimer’s Disease’ series, presented by Peggy Sarlin and her panel of Alzheimer’s experts.  What we saw was that while no effective cure currently exists for this devastating disease, about 70% of the incidence can be prevented.   In […]

Podcast: Eating For A Healthy Brain

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What to include and what to cut out of your diet In this podcast I’m going to take a look at brain health, a subject that is getting quite a bit of attention in the medical and nutritional science communities, and even in some popular media. As the prevalence of Alzheimer’s Disease, which is the […]

Podcast: Challenging Negative Thoughts

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People sometimes have distorted or negative thoughts about themselves, which do not reflect the reality of a given situation. Such thinking may be ingrained by the unfair and negative utterances of significant others, even starting during childhood. Any of these ring a bell? As a child did anyone ever say, ‘ You will never amount […]