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This week we are going to take a look at resilience from the perspective of the acronym PUSH-IN that I developed. Resilience is all about the positive aspect of failure – it’s all about getting back into the saddle – about keeping on keeping on.


The letter P in the acronym PUSH-IN stands for Persevere. Perseverance means ‘keeping on keeping on’ in the face of failure. Society worships at the altar of success and shuns failure, not fully accepting the truth contained in the maxims, ‘success is fleeting’ and ‘we only really ever learn from our failures’. Our approach to weightloss and improved chronic disease of lifestyle outcomes need to be built on foundations of failures overcome if outcomes are to be sustained.


The letter U in the acronym PUSH-IN stands for Until. We are to Persevere in our effort to lose weight or improve our health time and time again Until we achieve breakthrough. Too often people give up before they have failed often enough. Make failure a friend because it’s not a foe.


The letter S in the acronym PUSH-IN stands for Something. What is the ‘Something’? Well, Something in this context indicates change, especially sustainable behavioural change, which is the hallmark of the main defeater of any chronic disease of lifestyle. Weightloss, or kicking prediabetes into touch is mostly dependent on this ‘Something’.


The letter H in the acronym PUSH-IN stands for Happens. Persevere Until something Happens. What needs to happen is a change in our lifestyle-related behaviours. But a one-off change just won’t cut it as I’m sure you realise. Change needs to be transformed into habit for it to stick.


The letters IN in the acronym PUSH-IN stands for Intentionally. Persevere Until Something Happens Intentionally completes the acronym. We have to have a goal in mind if we are to achieve our desired health outcome, whether this is losing weight, normalising blood pressure, having more energy, coming off chronic medication etc. Setting health-related goals is another crucial element in the process of sustaining behavioural change. Yogi Berra, the New York Yankees baseball player famous for his ‘foot in mouth’ quotes, said, “ If you don’t know where you are going, then you’ll end up someplace else”. Be very intentional about setting goals.

If you need help to PUSH-IN and build the resilience you need so that you can better deal with obesity, diabetes or any of the other diseases of the metabolic syndrome, then please email me at I’m looking forward to helping you.